News Letters

Publish DateDownloadHighlights
October 1, 2014Download2014 Facility Managers Training Workshop, 2014 CES Symposium, Help CES Finish The Fight Against Breast Cancer
September 1, 2014DownloadCES Overview of the CPO Training, 2014 Facility Managers Training Workshop, 2014 CES Educational Symposium
August 1, 2014DownloadCES Annual Regional Meetings, Exciting Announcement, Job Order Corner, Contract Updates, RTI Training
July 1, 2014DownloadNM School Facilities Manager Certificate Program, CES Facility Managers Training Workshop Schedule, Newly Awarded Contracts
June 2, 2014DownloadCertified Procurement Officer Focused Procurement Training, Facility Managers Training Workshop Save the Date, Williamson Restoration
May 5, 2014DownloadCES Training Opportunity - Curriculum Companion and Standards Insight, Indeco Sales, Procurement Training
April 1, 2014DownloadCommon Core State Standards - Curriculum Companion, Facebook, Contract Updates
March 3, 2014DownloadEducational Highlights from the 2014 NM Legislatrive Session, National School Breakfast Week, TLC Gold Sponsorship
February 3, 2014DownloadThe end of Windows XP, Bob's Painting Gold Sponsorship, Shedding Light on Student Assessment
January 6, 2014DownloadGazing into the 2014 Crystal Ball, Welcome, Changes for Current Contract Holders
December 2, 2013DownloadProcurement Code Changes, FREE E-Rate Workshop, CES Open House
November 4, 2013DownloadCES Facility Managers Training Workshop ReCap, FREE E-Rate, Procurement Code Changes
October 1, 2013DownloadCES Facility Managers Training Workshop, Guide to Synthetic Maintenance, New Contracts
September 3, 2013DownloadCES Educational Symposium, Facility Managers Training Workshop, Bystanders
August 1, 2013DownloadInternet Essentials from Comcast, SDI Apps, Contract Updates
July 1, 2013DownloadBlended Model of Instruction or "Flipped Classroom", Common Core Algebraic Thinking, Newly Awarded Contracts
June 3, 2013DownloadExpansion of Pre-K Programs, Summer Fun, Protect Your Heros
May 1, 2013DownloadActive Shooter Survival Training for Schools, School Menus & Inventory, Indeco Sales
April 1, 2013DownloadCommon Core New Mexico Partners, TLC, Born to Draw
March 1, 2013DownloadMarch is Purchasing Month, High Tech Makeover, Bob's Painting
February 8, 2013DownloadEngery Incentive Programs, Ace Asphalt, School Breakfast Week
January 10, 2013DownloadHappy New Year, New Beginnings, Same Committment.
December 6, 2012DownloadConflict Prevention and Resolution, Happy Holidays
November 1, 2012DownloadRecap of Facility Managers Workshop, Thanksgiving, Pumpkins and a November Bluebook!
October 1, 2012Download29 days until the 2012 Facility Managers Workshop and Educational Symposium
September 10, 2012DownloadGet ready for the 2012 Facility Managers Workshop and Educational Symposium!
August 1, 2012DownloadCES hires New Ancillary Director and New Southern Services Director!
July 3, 2012DownloadSave the Date-Symposium and FMTW, Online Training Credit Recover Option for Schools, Newly Awarded Vendors, Summer Reading
June 7, 2012DownloadJean Luft Retiring after 33 yrs, E-Rate Applicant Trainings, Newly Awarded Vendors, Upcoming Bids
May 1, 2012DownloadE-Rate July 1st Deadline for Childern's Internet Protection Act, Farm to School, McCREEL Classroom Instruction That Works
April 2, 2012DownloadMaking Strides to END Breast Cancer, Summer Food Programs, Customer Survey Feedback, New Blue Book
March 1, 2012DownloadEducational Highlights from 2012 NM Legislative Session, Making Strides to END Breast Cancer, National School Breakfast Week, Working Systemically in Action
February 1, 2012DownloadCES Refreshes Logo, American Sports Builders Association, Changes to Contractor Registration Requirements
January 3, 2012DownloadGeneral Obligation Education Technology Notes, Food Bid, Final Awards for RFP 2012-001 A,B, and C