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Mailing & Physical Address

4216 Balloon Park Road NE
Albuquerque NM, 87109

Office: 505.344.5470
Fax: 505.344.9343

Website: www.ces.org

Staff Directory

Name: David Chavez
Position: Executive Director
Phone: Ext 109
Name: Leslie Neely
Position: Executive Administrative Assistant
Phone: Ext 127
Name: Robin Strauser
Position: Executive Deputy Director
Email: Robin@ces.org
Phone: Ext 108
Name: Gary Tripp
Position: Human Resources Director
Email: gary@ces.org
Phone: Ext 112
Name: Minnie Bresler
Position: Receptionist
Phone: Ext 101
Name: Natasha Orona
Position: Business Office Specialist
Phone: Ext 106
Name: Kelly Bassham
Position: Business Office Specialist
Phone: Ext 135
Name: Trish Delicino
Position: Payroll Specialist
Phone: Ext 122
Name: Gustavo Rossell
Position: Procurement Manager
Email: Gustavo@ces.org
Phone: Ext 117
Name: John Tortelli
Position: Procurement Facilitator
Phone: Ext 129
Name: Joe Valencia
Position: Procurement Facilitator
Email: Joe@ces.org
Phone: Ext 124
Name: Lisa Romo
Position: Procurement Administrative Assistant
Phone: Ext 116
Name: Lori O'Rourke
Position: Business Services Coordinator
Email: Lori@ces.org
Phone: Ext 128
Name: Karen Morris
Position: Member Service Representative
Phone: Ext 107
Name: Pam Reed
Position: Member Service Representative
Email: Pam@ces.org
Phone: Ext 125
Name: Diane Hajek
Position: Member Service Representative
Phone: Ext. 137
Name: Elizabeth Diaz
Position: Member Service Representative
Phone: Ext. 115
Name: Holly Goodall
Position: Member Service Representative
Phone: Ext. 104
Name: Jacklyn Serrano
Position: Member Service Representative
Phone: Ext 115
Name: Margaret Mikelson
Position: Member Service Representative
Phone: Ext 126
Name: Anne Tafoya
Position: Director of Ancillary Services
Phone: Ext 103
Name: Adela Chavez
Position: Ancillary Administrative Assistant
Phone: Ext 111
Name: Teri Thelemaque
Position: Ancillary Administrative Assistant
Phone: Ext 119
Name: Jim Barentine
Position: Director for Southern Services
Email: Jim@ces.org
Phone: 575.646.5965
Fax: 866.877.0629
Name: Paul Benoit
Position: Director for Northern Services, REAP Services
Email: Paul@ces.org
Phone: 575.562.2922
Fax: 575.562.2523
Name: James Killion
Position: REAP Help Desk
Phone: 1.800.288.8115
Name: Brad Schroeder
Position: Director of Technology
Email: Brad@ces.org
Phone: Ext 114
Name: Elena Salazar
Position: SITE Coordinator
Phone: 505.344.5470 ext 136
Fax: 505.344.9343
Name: Kim Lanoy-Sandoval
Position: SITE Facilitator
Email: kim@ces.org
Phone: 505.385.0363
Fax: 505.344.5470