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CES Sponsored Events

Special Education Hot Topics Recorded Webinars

If you were unable to make the live sessions in our recent series of webinars, we are providing you with recordings you can watch on demand! Below you will find links to watch all four webinars, as well as links to download the PowerPoint slides and other handouts. 

Programming for the ED Student – David D’Antonio

Dyslexia & Direct, Multisensory Reading Instruction – Chris Fox

Vocabulary, Fluency, & Comprehension Strategies & a Sampling of Multisensory Reading Programs – Chris Fox

Accommodations and Modifications in the Classroom – Mona Sherrell

Autism - Social Skills Supports – Margaret Wood

Educating Students with Autism - Basics and Beyond – Margaret Wood

Functional Behavior Assessment & Behavior Intervention Plans 

David D'Antonio gives the FBA and BIP, giving insight into identifying target behavior, data collection and analysis leading to the function of the behavior, strategies to prevent the problem behavior, deciding on and providing reinforcement for the replacement behavior, and crisis plans. 

PowerPoint Slides

Case Study

Behavioral Intervention Plan

Functional Behavioral Assessment Plan

Watch Now

Transition Planning for Student Success: Compliance and Indicator 13 

Marilyn D'Ottavio discusses IDEA transition requirements, assessments, service plans, compliance, and more. 

Career and Technical Education Standards Matrix

Watch Transition IDEA Regulations and Meeting Compliance for Indicator 13 Now - 3/2/2016 (PowerPoint slides only)

Watch Transition IDEA Regulations and Meeting Compliance for Indicator 13 Now Part 1 (PowerPoint slides only) & Watch Transition Programs that Support Student Success and NM Graduation Options? Part 2 (PowerPoint slides only) - 9/30/2016

Prior Written Notice: Clear, Concise, Compliant 

Mona Sherrell and Cindy Soo Hoo discuss the legal requirements, purpose, and components of a PWN. They also give tips on responding appropriately to parents proposals and individualizing justifications in the PWN. 

PowerPoint Slides

Prior Written Notice Sources of Data

Watch Now

Avoiding Power Struggles

This new two part series from TAP Consultant David D'Antonio gives an in depth look at how teachers can avoid power struggles with their students. Mr. D'Antonio is a special educator with 36 years of experience as a teacher, behavioral resource teacher, and instructor at New Mexico universities. He has expertise in FBAs & BIPs, behavior interventions, the ED population and classrooms, and specific populations with behavioral/emotional concerns.

Avoiding Power Struggles: Part 1

Part 1 of this webinar series serves as an overview of student behavior and where power struggles might occur, and discusses methods you can use to prevent a power struggle before it even begins.

Watch Now

Avoiding Power Struggles: Part 2

Part 2 of this webinar series discusses interventions when students become frustrated, handling non-compliance and unsafe behaviors, and strategies to utilize after a confrontation.

Watch Now

Educating Students with Autism

This two part series was presented by Margaret Wood, MA/CCC-SLP.

Watch Visual Strategies: Tools to Support Communication, Behavior, and Task Completion

Watch Overview of the 11 IEP Considerations for Students with Autism

Student Directed IEPs

Geraldine Gallegos is a Special Educator with 38 years of experience as a Small Group, Work Study, and Inclusion Teacher. Ms. Gallegos also has 10 years experience mentoring beginning teachers. Her areas of expertise include High School Inclusion Teaching, Student Self-Directed IEPs, and Transition Planning.

Watch Student Directed IEPs

Section 504, Developing & Executing a Campus Plan

Learn aspects of the law regarding 504 plans, Section 504 vs. IDEA, Individual Accommodations Plans (IAP) and case studies

Watch - Developing & Executing a Campus Plan

Watch - Section 504 Forms

Developing Measurable Goals

Understand components of a measurable goal, measurable terms, clear goal descriptions and target criteria


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