TAP – Upcoming April Presentations

As the end of the school year quickly approaches, April showers☔️ bring a variety of complimentary half-day virtual TAP presentations directly to you via ZOOM. Please note, all 9 April presentations (registration fliers below) are half-day sessions.

If you miss part of an AM session you are welcome to register again in the PM due to sessions repeating in the AM & PM.

  • Exit Planning for Students in Maximum Support Settings, provides concrete exit plans to successfully move students to less restrictive settings
  • Guiding Principles for Understanding Student Behavior, presents 20 guiding principles for understanding student behavior in the school setting
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders & Other Disabilities ToolBox, “Executive Functioning Skills” , Part 1 & Part 2, will fill your toolbox with a multitude of strategies to support your students in processing, remembering & expressing the information they learn
  • Understanding Attention Issues, this session will provide effective strategies to engage students with attention disorders and discuss characteristics and myths about attention disorders (ADD & ADHD)
  • Transition Planning and Program Development, discussion will include effective practices to promote student involvement in the IEP, graduation checklists, and how to complete the Summary of Performance for students w/ disabilities, Indicator 13 review as well as the new quality review by the Special Education Division
  • Cultivating Resilience with Social Emotional Learning by Using Structured Self-Questioning Framework, learn tools to increase focus and student metacognitive thinking (awareness and management of one’s own thought)
  • Transitioning to Summer: Behavior Strategies to Help Your Students and Their Parents, positive supports and resources provided for a smooth transition into the summer which can also be shared with parents
  • Essentials for Skilled Reading & Spelling: Orthography and Orthographic Mapping, this structured literacy presentation will cover what is orthography and orthographic mapping, why are they important for reading and spelling, spelling rules and patterns

Reminder, TAP provides two monthly articles “Compliance Corner” by Cindy Soo Hoo and the “Reading Room”, (tips and tricks to improve student reading through components of structured literacy) by Chris Fox and Jessica Powell. Both articles are located on the CES web page, ces.org under “Announcements”

Don’t forget to visit the complimentary TAP webinar library, open 24/7. The direct link to the “TAP Hot Topic On Demand Webinar Library” can be found at cestap.org

Please share this information with your staff and co-workers.

Thank you all for supporting TAP services!