TAP – Upcoming December Presentations

❄️December 2023 TAP Registration Fliers❄️

With the end of the semester and Winter Break right around the corner, staff and students can be overwhelmed! Too many deadlines and not enough time to get it all done….

TAP will be offering six interactive presentations in December but don’t fret if you can’t fit in one more thing or get coverage for a topic you really want or need to view. All TAP live virtual presentations are recorded and placed in the “TAP Hot Topic On Demand Webinar Library”, direct link, cestap.org or visit the CES website, ces.org, scroll down the home page to “Announcements” to view all of TAP’s complimentary offerings.

Again, the library is complimentary and can be viewed 24/7 at your leisure!

Important Reminders-

TAP offers four monthly guidance articles:

“Compliance Corner” essential / noteworthy special education compliance advice by Cindy Soo Hoo “Reading Room”, tips and tricks to improve student reading through components of structured literacy by Chris Fox and Jessica Powell, “Teacher Toolbox” focus on tips to meet the diverse needs of students with Autism Spectrum (ASD) and other challenges by Margaret Wood and “The Resource Room” resources about all topics “Special Education” by Rene Rohrer.

All monthly articles, TAP registration fliers and the TAP pre-recorded webinar library are located on the CES web page, ces.org under “Announcements”.

Please share the above information and registration fliers with your staff and co-workers.

Wishing all a safe and joyful holiday season. Thank you for supporting TAP services!!!❤️

Loretta Garcia

TAP Coordinator


TAP Hotline, 505-985-8494