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Ancillary Staff Dashboard

The Ancillary Staff Dashboard will display your total allocation, total drawdown and total balance.

Under ‘Overall Summary’, you can view your Periodic/Current Month and also Year-To-Date allocations.  You no longer need to contact the Ancillary department for Periodic Listing or Year-To-Date total reports.

To begin entering time, under the ‘Manage Time Sheets’ tab, click on your Allocation that is listed as a blue button:

To add time, click on ‘Add Timesheet Entry’:

Enter your ‘Begin Time’ and ‘End Time’.  Under ‘Select Code’, choose DC, RS, or IDT (if IDT is allocated).  Enter your task. 

NOTE: If you have NIDT, your travel time is already calculated under your allocation.  For that day you can choose ‘No Travel’, ‘Round Trip’, or ‘One-Way.  If you have been allocated Per Diem, a check box will be available:

After you enter your time, click ‘Save Information’:

To Log Out, go to the upper right corner, click on down arrow next to your name and choose ‘Log Out’:

***To access the Ancillary Timesheet application, click here.***