The New Mexico Regional Education Applicant Program (NMREAP) offers a unique and innovative solution to New Mexico’s teacher recruitment challenge.

NMREAP is an online system that allows educators to post employment applications and to conduct searches for employment vacancies in New Mexico. School districts, on the other hand, can post employment vacancies and conduct searches for applicants based on a number of criteria such as New Mexico licensure, instructional area, multiple licenses, teaching experience, and extra-curricular activities. The goal of NMREAP is to help New Mexico school districts locate and hire highly qualified staff, and for highly qualified educators to find jobs in New Mexico.

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Applicants may submit their employment application and conduct job searches at no cost to them. NMREAP is supported financially solely by annual membership fees from participating member institutions. You may visit the public access portion of NMREAP by going to For more information contact Paul M. Benoit, NMREAP Coordinate, at 505-562-2922 or 575-760-9002, or at

If you are interested in your school district or charter school becoming a NMREAP member, click here for a membership application. Upon completion of the application form, you may e-mail the completed form from the “File” menu. E-mail to If you choose, you may print the completed application and fax it to Paul M. Benoit at 505-715-5826.

Meet the NMREAP Staff Members

Paul Benoit
Northern Services Manager, REAP Services
Phone: 575.562.2922
Fax: 575.562.2523
Cell: 575.760.9002

James Killion
REAP Help Desk