The Technical Assistance Program (TAP) was developed and funded in 2015 by the New Mexico Public School Insurance Authority (NMPSIA) in collaboration with CES to decrease Special Education Litigation in the state. TAP provides school districts in New Mexico the opportunity to receive specialized consultation, training and technical assistance on Special Education topics.


  • Improve quality and ensure compliant IEP’s (Individual Educatoin Programs)
  • Improve the knowledge base in IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Educatoin Act) and New Mexico Regulations
  • Improvde delivery of Special Education services
  • Provide information on current trends in education
  • Problem-solve on potential ligitigation situations occuring on school campus

TAP Services Include:

  • Complimentary email and phone consultation services
  • School site visits, file reviews, classroom and student observations
  • Full or half-day workshops on requested Special Education topics
  • Complimentary workshops provided at CES office (in Albuquerque) throughout the school year
  • Complimentary “Special Education Hot Topics” webinars currently available at

Sample of TAP Topics Available:

  • Writing a Compliant IEP
  • Special Education Legal Compliance
  • Writing Legally Compliant IEP Goals
  • Discipline, MDR, 10 Day Rule, In-school suspension
  • Autism: Researched-Based Methods for Instruction: Basic and Beyond, Visual Strategies (Make and Take), Social Skill Support, Challenging Behaviors Toolkit
  • Transition Planning for Student Success, Indicator 13, Transition Needs of Seniors
  • Behavior: FBA’s/BIP’s, Behavior Management, Programming For Emotional Disturbance, Avoiding Power Struggles
  • Student Assistance Team (SAT) and Review Existing Evaluation Data (REED) for Teachers
  • Guidance in Developing a 504 Plan
  • Dyslexia and Multi-sensory Reading Instruction
  • Emotionally Disturbed vs. Socially Maladjusted

Loretta Garcia
TAP Coordinator
TAP Hotline: 505-985-8454