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We continue to research and incorporate best practices when selecting the programs we offer. We encourage you, as a leader or supervisor, to participate in these powerful professional learning opportunities. We have also found that it helps cultivate and preserve your district’s best talent when you include your leadership team.

LD June Calendar2024 by Tara Summers

First Year Superintendents Academy (FYSA)

CES has designed this year-long academy to focus on strategic, relevant content alongside powerful interactions and networking opportunities with educational and legislative leaders across the state. High-intensity executive coaching and quarterly learning opportunities will further support new superintendents throughout their first year as they support students in their district.

Administrators Leadership Development (ALD) Program.

The ALD program is a year-long PED-approved opportunity for current outstanding NM educators to acquire their 3B Administrative License. Focused learning designed for building leadership, instructional knowledge, communication skills, and other significant skills will prepare participants to become strong and valued district educational leaders.

Requirements: MA Degree; 2B Instructor License; Superintendent’s recommendation


November 1st through the 30th, for cohort 16.

First Year Principals Academy (FYPA)

FYPA provides a year of ongoing learning, support, and coaching. Targeted professional learning designed specifically for new campus administrators begins with an intensive summer workshop designed to fine-tune leadership skills, strategic planning, and preparation for the school year. Monthly learning sessions, check-in meetings, and one-on-one coaching will ensure high levels of support throughout the first year of principalship.

Requirements: First-Third Year in Principal position; Superintendent’s recommendation

Aspiring Superintendents Academy (ASA)

The ASA program provides a full year of rich experiences for learners who aspire to ready themselves for Superintendent responsibilities. Designed to be intensive, thorough, and focused on building skills to prepare future leaders, monthly seminars and assignments equip participants well for their professional growth and aspirations in a highly supportive environment

Requirements: Principal and/or Central Office experience with 3 or more years of experience; Superintendent’s recommendation

Principal Mastery Collaborative (PMC)

Principals, come and join us for a transformative year of leadership development that will drive growth and enhance student and staff engagement. Join forces with fellow educators from across the state as we connect, learn, and hone our leadership abilities. Together, we will address the challenges you encounter on a daily basis, approaching them with a solution-oriented mindset firmly grounded in your reality.

Executive Coaching

This is an opportunity to gain momentum, to have a safe place to think out loud while your coach supports you, chance to plan for the future, structure difficult conversations, or reflect to become more self-aware. Unleash your potential today. A CES Coach is waiting for you! You will have individual coaching and monthly sessions. The cost for this SY year package is $2400. If you have questions about the coaching package, you can contact LeAnne Gandy at leanne@ces.org

Leadership Series

Monthly learning opportunities for leaders across the state will focus on critical topics designed to enhance educational practice. All leaders, or aspiring leaders, are welcome to participate in the learning. Each session will be from 3:30 to 5:30 PM via Zoom.

Session topics will be announced soon.

Special Education for Leaders

Join Cindy Soo Hoo for in-depth virtual collaborative sessions on Essential Special Education topics. See upcoming sessions or watch past sessions below. Each session will be from 3:30 to 5:30 PM via Zoom.

Board Leadership Development (BLD)

This opportunity provides leadership training to new and experienced Board members across New Mexico. Sessions are designed strategically to strengthen educational outcomes across all school districts.

Latest from Leadership Development:

Meet the Leadership Development Team

David Chavez
CES Executive Director

LeAnne Gandy
Leadership Development Program Coordinator