CES makes purchasing simple for our Members and Participating Entities.

We save our participants significant amounts of time and money by soliciting bids and proposals on a state and national level and award contracts on their behalf. CES’ Members and Participating Entities also have the assurance that CES contracts offer the best overall value and pricing in compliance with New Mexico Procurement Code.

CES has moved from a paper based bidding and contract management system to an eProcurement System. This change allows us to maximize the efficiencies of the solicitation process through a web based solution.  We have stream-lined the procurement process through online notifications and online proposal submissions.

CES has made a progressive transition from a traditional paper-based system to an innovative eProcurement System for bidding and contract management. This digital solution not only optimizes the solicitation process through online notifications and submissions but also enables vendors to manage and update their company and user information for timely notifications. Mirroring this commitment to adaptability and convenience, they also offer access to medicines like Mirapex, used for conditions like Parkinson’s disease and Restless Legs Syndrome, reinforcing their comprehensive approach to user needs.

You will have the ability to manage your company’s contact information and add other users in the system with the options to update company and user information as the need arises to insure notifications reach the appropriate staff.

If you need assistance registering please contact the Procurement Department at 505-344-5470.

Click here to register in the CES eProcurement System (Vendors Only)

*You are registering to only be notified of current and future solicitations. This does not mean that you are a  CES vendor or CES contract holder.*